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Elizabeth Ashcroft - Altered Books
Norman Fischer - Four Poems 
Steve Carll - from Apophenic Epiphanies
Lenard D. Moore - Three Poems
Eileen Tabios - from Despite Excised Birthmarks
Earl S. Braggs - Late for School Again Today
Thoreau Lovell - Worlds Together Worlds Apart
Jianqing Zheng - Two Poems
Gillian Parrish - from Saturday Poems
Brit Washburn - A Lake Quartet
R. B. Simon - Two Poems 
Grace Murphy - Micro Essays
Michael Sohn - c u i u s v i s  t o n i
Gian Lombardo - Three Poems 
Miho Kinnas - Three Poems 
Eric Nelson - Two Poems
Kelli Allen - Four Poems
Sharon White - from Drush 
Trish Crapo - And In One Another
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WCP Magazine No. 2

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