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Michael Sohn
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Michael Sohn

Michael Sohn grew up in the Massachusetts town that spawned “Mary Had a Little Lamb”.  He has lived in Chicago, a whole lifetime in New York City, a few years in Marseille and presently in Utah. For too many years he taught Freshman Composition in NYC while working on his own poems, reading and writing about contemporary French poetry, and thinking about the relationship between text and image, the visual arts and poetry.  He currently teaches in the Honors Program at the University of Utah.  He has published articles on French poets Stéphane Mallarmé (1842-1898) and André du Bouchet (1924-2001).  He recently published a book of visible poetry, Still Forms, with Wet Cement Press.  A book of experimental and shaped prose about the French painter Pierre Tal Coat (1905-85) is forthcoming from L’Atelier Contemporain.  He is currently working on a book of critical prose poetry around André du Bouchet and the problem of writing painting.

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