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Wet Cement Press publishes small hand held books of fiction, poetry and hybrid genius. It is the project of a group of writers who once lived and worked together in San Francisco, but we don't live there anymore. Our tastes in literature run toward the lyrical and spontaneous, the raw and unsmooth. We invite you to join us in paving new ways to bring readers and writers together. We believe that the cement is always wet. The world waits to be marked.


We are men and women though not at the same time. Collectively we have been engaged with literature for over 125 years, yet we are still willing. We have worked in publishing in New York and San Francisco and Moscow, but are not being investigated for our Russian connection. Several of us were involved in the Five Fingers Review. One of us used to live in a tipi, another lives above a casino. Two of us were librarians, but no longer work there. We would love to answer any other questions you might have. 


We are not currently accepting unsolicited manuscripts.



Thoreau Lovell (Berkeley, CA). Fiction, poetry, memoir.

Thoreau Lovell is a poet and fiction writer originally from Fresno, California, who currently lives in Berkeley with his wife and two daughters. He is the author of Wilson Wiley Variations (Wet Cement Press) and Amnesia’s Diary (Ex Nihilo Press) and is also a former editor at Five Fingers Review and Press. After working many years at the J. Paul Leonard Library at San Francisco State University, he is currently a stay-at-home writer. There is more information at his website www.thoreaulovell.com.

Michelle Murphy (Reno, NV). Poetry.

Synonym for Home (Wet Cement Press) is Michelle Murphy's second full-length book. Her first book, Jackknife & Light (Avec books) was shortlisted for the National Poetry Award, and was also translated and published in Russia by the poet Alexander Ulanov. Poetry from her latest book was shortlisted for the VERSE Tomaž Šalamun Prize. She left the Bay Area almost 5 years ago and now lives next to the Truckee River in Reno, Nevada. There is more information at her website https://murphypoetry.wordpress.com/

Barbara Roether (Asheville, NC). Fiction, poetry, essays, reviews.

Barbara Roether is a writer and teacher recently exiled from San Francisco to Asheville, North Carolina, where she now hosts a literary reading series. Her most recent book is Saraswati’s Lament (Wet Cement Press). She is also the author of the novel This Earth You’ll Come Back To (McPherson & Company) and the poetry collection, The Middle Atlas. She frequently reviews books, and writes of faraway places whenever she can, a travelogue of Japan is forthcoming. For many years she worked in book publishing as an editor and created the series Signs of the Sacred with Harper Collins Publishers. There is more information on her website www.BarbaraRoether.com.

Anthony Schlagel (Bisbee, AZ). Fiction.

Anthony Schlagel grew up pastorally and anachronistically in rural Minnesota. He migrated west with the wagon trains to San Francisco where he studied poetry. To support himself he drove a cab for several years at night. Wearily, he traveled eastward to Tennessee to become a librarian. He lives restively in rural Arizona. My Dog, Me (Wet Cement Press) is his first book. More information can be found on his website, AnthonySchlagel.com.