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WCP Magazine is going on an indefinite hiatus. We'd like to keep it going, but there only so many hours in the day! Thanks to everyone who sent work and especially to the wonderful writers and visual artists we published in volumes 1 and 2. 

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Visual work: Elizabeth Ashcroft, Trish Crapo, Thoreau Lovell & Michael Sohn. Poetry: Kelli Allen, Earl S. Braggs, Steve Carl, Norman Fischer, Miho Kinnas, Gian Lombardo, Lenard D. Moore, Eric Nelson, Gillian Parrish, R. B. Simon, Brit Washburn, Sharon White & Jianqing Zheng. Prose: Grace Murphy & Eileen Tabios. Includes quirky audio clips by many of the contributors. 

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Visual work: Maureen Alsop, Paul Jackson & Christopher Sawyer-Laucanno. Poetry: Karen Donovan, Richard Jackson, Michelle Murphy, Patricia Pruitt & Susan Schultz. Poetic memoir: Merle Bachman.

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