Fall Zoom Readings


October 1st

Falling For Words. A mother / daughter reading and conversation about writing featuring poet and editor Michelle Murphy, author of Synonym for Home, and poet, playwright and screenwriter, Grace Murphy, author of Surprise Me. We are very sorry, but this event was CANCELLED. We hope to reschedule soon. 

October 15

A Celebration for the Publication—Orphan of the Moon: Notebook of a Girl in a Moscow Station. Andrea Clark Libin reading and in conversation with Maya Lydia Bushell, Doretta Lau, Idra Novey, and Karen Russell. Thursday, October 15 at 6:30 p.m. EASTERN. More information. | Watch Video

October 29

Poetry, Ensos, Koans, & Meditation in the Current Landscape of the Social Justice Movement, the Pandemic, and the Election. Reading and panel discussion with Ninso John High, Omotara James, Andrea Clark Libin, Thoreau Lovell, Uche Nduka and Christopher Sawyer-Lauçanno. Participants read and discuss passages from Ninso John High’s Without Dragons Even the Emperor Would Be Lonely. The key hope is to foster an intimate exchange between the participants and an offering to the audience and one another in these troubled times as we reflect on how we personally relate to poetry itself in the world we inhabit. Thursday, October 29th, 6:30 p.m. EASTERN. More information.

November 12

Pre-Publication Reading for A Boy Named Boy, with Earl S. Braggs & Thoreau Lovell. Wet Cement Press is excited to celebrate the upcoming publication of A Boy Named Boy, by Earl S. Braggs, "People have long told stories like our story but most never quite as long." So begins this complex jazz memoir of growing up black and poor in rural North Carolina. Joining Earl S. Braggs will be Wet Cement Press publisher and editor, Thoreau Lovell, who will read from a new creative memoir and from a collection of idiosyncratic personal essays. Thursday, November 12th, 6:30 p.m. EASTERN. More information. 

Past Readings (video)

October 15th, 2020
Celebrating Orphan of the Moon. Andrea Clark Libin reading and in conversation with Karen Russell, Idra Novey, Doretta Lau and Maya Lydia Bushell

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May 28th, 2020
Michael Sohn presenting his book Still Forms—Visible Poetry and in conversation with Ninso John High and Thoreau Lovell. Reading via Zoom from Salt Lake City

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May 14th, 2020
Brit Washburn & Barbara Roether
Reading via Zoom from Asheville, NC

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April 30, 2020
Andrea Clark Libin & Ninso John High
Reading via Zoom from Brooklyn

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