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"This wonderful book is itself an extended Zen koan that plays on the flute of traditional Zen literary tropes like a sincere virtuoso. Quite a read!" —Norman Fischer, poet, Zen priest, author most recently of When You Greet Me I Bow: Notes and Reflections from a Life In Zen.


Wet Cement Press is honored to offer a special collector's edition of Ninso John High’s complex and vivid novel, Scrolls of a Temple Sweeper. A brilliant work of myriad voices speaking essential truths in a suspenseful story. This signed and numbered limited hardcover edition, will include an original ensō painted by Ninso John High on archival paper. Edition of 50 copies. Purchase of this edition will also include acknowledgement of your support in the Circle of Thanks on the Wet Cement website in gratitude for your significant contribution to the ongoing development of Wet Cement Press. Additional information. 

(Not final cover)


Scrolls of a Temple Sweeper

Text and images by Ninso John High

Limited Edition Hardcover / 5.5"x8.5" / 280p 

Signed and numbered + original ensō

Order before 12/31/22

Alsop FRONT cover 9-12-22.png

(Not final cover)


Tender to Empress

Visual poetry + collage by Maureen Alsop

Hardcover / 8"x8" / 114p 

Pubdate: 11/30/22

Maureen Alsop, like other goddesses of myth, likes to work at the crossroads, the place where words give shape to image, where images speak back, and our sense of language expands beyond the frontier. The reader is invited to wander among the signs and signifiers. A visual narrative may appear then disappear, a voice might be heard, then quieted. Colors have their say, words have their way. Adjoining images engage in dialogue, or argue loudly. Faces watch us, we watch them; their world is glimpsed and lost.  This is work that listens at that angle where the ghosts can be heard, a place where our sense of language is distilled across time and form. These images are a record of that exchange; an alchemy that takes place at the horizons of perception. 

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