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Gillian Parrish

from Saturday Poems

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Saturday Poem 4

saying you’re sick won’t save you

awkward robot-arm of the garbage truck

now that we live by numbers 

set out some honey for the slow improbable bee

feather-fine cloud in the sky in the chest

a crowd listened to a pigeon calling in a girl’s voice

‘special interest aliens’

teach us to care

with the air of another way 



Saturday Poem 5

told them I’d take the medicine path

crude oil on the loose from here to Houston 

‘with jasmine with juniper with musk and pine’ 

      with offering clouds of cleansing smoke

(soften the jaw)

women sworn in, women swearing, dancing

road home a river of white-gold winter light

down the block    a grandma yelling ‘that’s my STRONG girl!’

breathe with what you got




Saturday Poem 6

‘understanding what the land can do’

dream teacher used my breastbone as a microphone

jay call warding a hawk away

call it green new deal or green dream or whatever     call it forth
cleanse our boardrooms our courtrooms 

cleanse our ruined city water     America,

take a knee, a hermit permit to look inside our hearts

he said, first you need savings     need to save things

every step alive


Gillian Parrish

Gillian Parrish is the author of two books of poems: of rain and nettles wove and supermoon. Her poems, stories, and essays have been published in various journals as well as in anthologies out from Black Lawrence Press and Wesleyan University Press. On odd holidays she launches issues of spacecraftproject, a  journal of poems and stories that also features interviews with artists working with words, sound, movement, paint and pixel, light and land. 

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