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Sharon White
from Drush

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Hello, everyoneSharon White
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small, worthless fragments; fine rain

The titles of the poems are taken from Shetland Words: A dictionary of the Shetland dialect. Alastair and Adaline Christie-Johnson






Even if you thought it was

true, it wasn’t

was it?


cliffs scarred with

lichen, ice blue

lips of the bay


even wanting it to be true

won’t do it

will it?


just wave your hand for me





Once again the dishwasher 

is empty

the knives and forks alone


once again a man coughs

another laughs

the dog with the brown and white face



all for naught

the tethered minutes rain down


constant, gentle, silver





To swim in

and out

as in love


away, the whole

river empty

this morning


even though 

bushes blaze

and the mockingbird


tries all his tricks





Were you gone

by the time I got 



A sip of death

in the shower

there was nothing


they could do

the pinch of each

minute and then the long







Thee to whom it

may concern—famish

furnish asunder


the gale winds

snow slope



even if you don’t

want to it might

give you celebration








jappi  — a hen (a cheeping jabbering creature).

yarmer  — a cat.

yarta  — properly, the heart, now a term of endearment; child of my heart.

irp  — to complain incessantly; to harp on.

anunder  — under.


Sharon White

Sharon White’s book Vanished Gardens: Finding Nature in Philadelphia won the AWP award in creative nonfiction. Boiling Lake (On Voyage), a collection of very short fiction, is her most recent work. She is also the author of two collections of poetry, Eve & Her Apple and Bone House. Her memoir, Field Notes, A Geography of Mourning, received the Julia Ward Howe Prize, Honorable Mention, from the Boston Authors Club. New work appears in The Rupture, DIAGRAM, Cloudbank, and Nowhere magazine where her essay, “Sightings,” was a finalist in the Fall Travel writing contest.

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