Spring 2020

Three visually inspired and inspiring books in a beautiful 6.5" square format.

Orphan of the Moon Front Cover SM.png

Andrea Clark Libin

Orphan of the Moon

Notebook of a Girl in a Moscow Station

88 pages

Still Forms Front Cover 25%.png

Michael Sohn

Still Forms

Visible Poetry

116 pages

Without Dragons - Front Cover 25%.png

Ninso John High

Without Dragons Even the Emperor Would Be Lonely

Ensos, Parables & Koans

152 pages

Michael Sohn

What is visible poetry?

A discussion of Still Forms

Thursday, May 28th

5pm, Eastern




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Upcoming Readings | Past Readings (video)

May 28th - What is Visible Poetry. Michael Sohn discussing his book, Still Forms.

June 18th - I have a question for you. A mother / daughter conversation about writing.
Michelle Murphy and Grace Murphy.

June 25th - Poetry, Parables, The Inanimate:  Ensos & Koans & Meditation in the Time
of Quarantine. Ninso John High with Omotara James, Uche Nduka, Andrea Libin and
Christopher Sawyer-Lauçanno.


Dispatches Blog

Andrea Clark Libin reading from, Orphan of the Moon. “A living, breathing, hybrid work unlike anything I've ever read—an orphan's notebook exhumed from the Moscow station and entrusted to your own red heart.” —Karen Russell


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