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Small hand held books of fiction, poetry and hybrid genius

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Brit Washburn's Notwithstanding introduces a true talent, every well-crafted poem is as wise as it is earned. It is a book of love and loss and the sensuality of food and nature, qualities often blended in poem after poem. It's a book that stays home, “one season slipping into the next...” about which she says, “I’ve been through this before: I know how to eat and swim and sleep alone, how to savor a sensation without sharing it, how to carry on.” An exquisite sensibility at work here.

—Stephen Dunn, author of Whereas: Poems

     (W. W. Norton & Company)

Spring 2020


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John High, Without Dragons

Ensos, Parables & Koans

Andrea Libin, The Girl in Leningradsky Station

Imaginary lost notebook

Michael Sohn, Still Forms

Visual Poetry


Wet Cement Press publishes small hand held books of fiction, poetry and hybrid genius. It is the project of a group of writers who once lived and worked together in San Francisco, but we don't live there anymore. Our tastes in literature run toward the lyrical and spontaneous, the raw and unsmooth. We believe that the cement is always wet. The world waits to be marked. We invite you to join us in paving new ways to bring readers and writers together.