Scrolls of a Temple Sweeper,
Ninso John High

There was never a time that didn’t include you. Even if the others don’t remember, it’s fine, she says to the boy. No one will bother or care—that smell of apple & wood chip, a girl walking along the river & she was you and knew it too. All of her hands shifting into birds, or maybe balloons, floating out of your arms. You smell the corn seed in her hair & skin—and you hear the wind & love letters never written and already here & revealed now as you finally read them. The body softening after so much violence—underwood blue jay, stone pile, river run, sky a bit undone.


Thank You for Being - Front (Wix).png

Thank You for Being
A Poet's Memoir of Home
by Merle Bachman

218 pages

6.25” x 6.25”

Pub Date: May 12, 2022

ISBN: 979-8-9856206-0-3


Book Launch and Reading
for Merle Bachman's new book, Thank You for Being — A Poet's Memoir of Home at Live Worms Gallery in San Francisco on Thursday May 12 at 7pm.

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Working from a rich personal archive of letters, journals, and poems Bachman carries us into the questing journey of being a poet and a woman; what she calls, “A slender proposition that supports a glittering weight.”  This is a memoir as only a true poet can write, life reassembled and revisited in the light of old knowledge, and new.