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Spring Books

Disheveled Histories Front Cover.jpg

"The poems in Michelle Murphy’s Disheveled Histories  echo the dishevelment and bring order to family history, personal history, the natural history of the body, and the land on which it resides. Murphy uncovers a sort of defiant eternity in her poems, though not the easy kind. Michelle Murphy has written a beautiful, gutsy, and restorative collection."  —Diane Seuss, author of frank: sonnets 

"Disheveled Histories probes the enigmas of our existence by setting them against the clarity of a primer (see Murphy’s series of “how to” poems). Within a familial, rural landscape, she weaves musical paths for us to navigate the innate discord of violence and loss. Martine Bellen, author of An Anatomy of Curiosity 

Front Cover - Marco Polo Mother & Son.jpg

"Set against the backdrop of various locations across the United States and abandoned dreams, the novel skillfully straddles the line between fiction and memoir, inviting readers into a space where memories, grief, and familial bonds intertwine . . . Only an exceptional writer could immerse readers in such profound pain, leaving them reluctant to accept the conclusion of the story. Lovell's novel adds layers of authenticity and devastation that are undeniably worth cherishing. In creating Marco Polo Mother & Son, Lovell has crafted something extraordinary." —Independent Book Review

"Thoreau Lovell infuses the story with lyrical beauty and deep emotional resonance . . . making Marco Polo Mother & Son a novel that not only delves into the depths of human emotion but also explores the intricate interplay of existence and perception. This book is a must-read for those who appreciate a narrative that navigates the spaces between reality and imagination, truth, and fiction." —Lisa Rose, visual storyteller, and founder of

Play Lucretius Front Cover 1-8-24.jpg

"Lucretius, the Roman poet and philosopher, understood that the nature of things was found in particulars, atoms, that fell across the universe. In Play Lucretius, the particulars are as near as your local CVS, and Ed Barrett locates, in the brilliant rhythmic immediacy of syntactical arcs and the animations of recollected moments, the salvaged grace of an ordinary sublime.” —Ann Lauterbach, author of Door

“Ed Barrett’s poems and prose poems are among the smartest, deftest, and most fearless I know, jumping without warning from his Brooklyn past to his Cambridge present (with an occasional stopover in Ireland or Greek myth), and from down-to-earth detail to surprisingly big, genuinely profound concerns. . . . Play Lucretius is an imaginative, inspiring book." —Charles North, author of Everything and Other Poems

Spring 2024 Book Bundle

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