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Without Dragons Even the Emperor Would be Lonely

Ensos, Parables & Koans

Ninso John High

ISBN: 978-1-7234369-4-7

148 pages / 6.5" x 6.5"

Pub Date: 5/1/20

"An emptiness moving into presence. And vice versa. A figuration turning into abstraction. And vice versa. Methodically a deliberation or spontaneity? The artistic enterprise here embraces the mutual convulsion of words and images/symbols. I sense a call to dream deeply while awake. I feel a call to defy the fetters of logic/reason. Both darkening and radiant, there is radical fruition in the probing of depths in this confluence of words and colors. On an elemental level, John High explores the intersection of upheaval and serenity. This is a beautiful book for our perilous time and beyond. It makes me jump for joy."


-Uche Nduka, author of LIVING IN PUBLIC